Is Wheaton Group the Right Partner for You?

You are on the Wheaton Group website because you suspect that, no matter how good a direct and database marketer you already are, there is always room for improvement. But, how do you know if Wheaton Group is the right partner for you? 

We are the right partner if you know, or are open to knowing, why

  • Correct answers – even “directional” ones – cannot come out of flawed methodologies.  
  • Insightful answers to business questions generally require more than the calculation of numerical ratios.
  • It is a virtual certainty that last year’s best customers, on average, are spending less this year. Therefore, you should not blame your retention program, or conclude that your business is shifting towards smaller spenders.
  • The average multi-channel buyer, by definition, has purchased more – and probably a lot more – than the average single-channel buyer. Therefore, converting single-channel buyers to multi-channel buyers is not likely to be the key to your company’s future success.
  • The typical IT or Finance organization does not possess the requisite skillset to support effective direct and database marketing.
  • Your source data is not as clean, consistent and complete as it could be, despite what your IT organization says.
  • A lengthy requirements document has little to do with the timely construction of a robust marketing database.
  • Your business is too unique to be shoehorned into a standard solution.

Finally, we are the right partner if you appreciate humor sprinkled into the serious business of sophisticated direct and database marketing, including upbeat conference calls and meetings.

If you are still reading, then here is what we will help you do better than any other partner:

  • Impose a rigorous analytical structure around your business decisions. 
  • Ensure that you avoid decision-making biases such as logical fallacies and statistical misinterpretations.
  • Successfully navigate dirty, noisy, and often-incomplete data.
  • Combine “hard” data analysis with “soft” judgement calls, in order to arrive at the best possible decisions.
  • Pivot quickly when appropriate, so that your company can make a lot more money.

Unfortunately, our small, tightly-knit group of highly-experienced direct and database marketing professionals has never figured out how to clone itself. Likewise, we have never been able to transform the nuanced art of what we do into software. Therefore, we can only work with a handful of clients at a time. (And, we do not participate in RFP’s.) However… 

We have figured out how to transform the science of what we do into software. Therefore, we accomplish with one person what most vendors take a team to do – and, we do it faster and better.  For example, we are up and running with customized, built-from-scratch marketing databases more rapidly than most vendors can document the requirements. And, we execute almost-on-the-fly changes to these databases, in order to stay current with the ever-dynamic circumstances of our clients.

If you want to get a sense of the general principles that guide our work, check out Why Your Data-Driven Marketing Might be Off-Target and 10 Reasons to Call Us. However, these general principles will be best understood when you see how they can be judiciously and creatively applied to your specific business. So, Contact Us, and let’s start the discussion.