Data-Driven Success Stories

The following are examples of projects spearheaded by our five senior team members:

Integrated Accounts, including Marketing Databases and Data Management

  • Have acted since 2004 as the outsourced database marketing department for a multi-division B2B company with a large national sales force and multi-channel direct marketing program. Built, and currently maintain, the integrated prospect and customer marketing database, including the BlueVenn marketing suite for access by the client. Execute the merge/purges and other processing required for over 50 mailings a year, generate the results reports, perform the data mining, and provide strategic and tactical consulting.
  • Built, and currently maintain, the enterprise-wide B2C marketing database for one of the largest mailers in the United States. The database encompasses 14 active divisions, tens of millions of households and individuals, over one billion items, and over one billion promotion history transactions. Employ the BlueVenn marketing suite to pull the majority of the mailings, and provide client access for up to 35 simultaneous users. 

Advanced Analytics, Reporting, and Quantitatively-Grounded Consulting

  • Crafted multi-channel initiatives for a large national firm via ongoing data mining and strategic consulting. The resulting differentiated contact program generated incremental annual revenue of $207 and incremental profit of $23 million.
  • Spearheaded an approach to contact optimization for one of the world’s largest companies; an organization that generates hundreds of direct mail and email promotions a year. Employed quantitative techniques to develop and measure promotional strategies to optimize this significant marketing investment. 
  • Built a predictive model for a niche direct marketing company that was credited with revolutionizing the business, and was presented as a case study by the company’s President and Founder to a quantitative methods class at a top-ten business school.