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"I’m sending out lots of promotions across multiple channels. There’s so much overlap I can’t figure out what’s driving my revenue and profit."

Do you believe in multi-channel synergies? Do you allocate each purchase from an existing customer to a single promotion? Make up your mind because you can’t have it both ways! Allocating to a single promotion for existing customers makes no sense if you believe in multi-channel synergies. Besides, it’s a fool’s mission because of:

  • Promotional Cannibalization – Source codes significantly overstate the effect of some promotions such as email, and understate others. 
  • Baseline Revenue – A significant amount of revenue would occur even in the absence of direct marketing promotions. It can be 85% or more for some customers, and 15% or less for others. Baseline revenue is caused by factors such as the “drive-by” promotional value of e-commerce sites, the “boots on the ground” efforts of field sales, inbound and outbound telemarketing, brick-and-mortar retail stores, and walk-in distribution centers. Other contributors include brand loyalty, Internet promotional media such as display ads, and paid and natural search. 

The trick is to calculate the incremental revenue and profit from a stream of multi-channel promotions. We have a five-step process to do just that. Intrigued? Check out Why Your Data-Driven Marketing Might be Off-Target. And, give us a call! Contact us


"With the Web, I don’t always need direct mail to get an order. But, I can’t sort out when this is true, and for which customers."

Our five-step process discussed in Reason #1 for calculating the incremental revenue and profit from a stream of multi-channel promotions to existing customers comes in handy here! Central to this process is an over-time, “input/output” approach to testing and measurement, where different promotional mixes are compared by overall P&L. This is the key to understanding, on a customer-by-customer basis, when direct mail is required to get an order. 

If you are using total rather than incremental revenue to make circulation decisions, then you almost certainly are spending too much to contact some of your customers. To learn more about our five-step process for sorting all this out, check out Why Your Data-Driven Marketing Might be Off-Target. And, give us a call! Contact us


"I was shocked at how much a quality marketing database would cost, and how long it would take to build. I need a second opinion."

Our “Open-Approach Systems Development” is superior to traditional methodologies. We do not believe in theoretical discussions about the data. Instead, we ask for a dump of the data, and then we dig into it with minimal assumptions. 

Our process is data-driven, and it is iterative. It allows for rapid prototyping and quantitative validation. The discoveries we make lead to important enhancements in the data. With “Open-Approach Systems Development,” we dramatically reduce database development time and price. Interested? Then let’s have a conversation! Contact us


"I get nickeled and dimed so much that, in order to stay within budget, I have to cut back on what I want – and need."

We charge a fixed monthly fee for pre-defined services, which is in keeping with our focus on long-term client relationships. For example, we have worked continuously with one client since early-2004. Likewise, we worked continuously with another client for over twelve years. If this sort of pricing and long-term partnership sounds good, then let’s talk! Contact us


"My service provider promised the 'A Team,' and my invoices reflect it. However, most of the people on my account are barely shaving yet."

All of our clients work directly with at least one, and typically several, of the five senior team members. This contrasts with larger service providers that send in the “A Team” to sell the deal, but then follow-up with the “B Team” for delivery.

Our clients do not worry about turnover because our five senior team members have been working together for decades. As long-committed consulting-side database marketing professionals, their livelihoods depend on helping our clients take full advantage of their data. If you are tired of an ever-changing team of junior players, then give us a call! Contact us


"My business is 100% on-line. I want to be sophisticated using the data I’ve captured, but the e-commerce trade shows haven’t been much help."

E-commerce is direct marketing! Unfortunately, many in the e-commerce business do not think of themselves as direct marketers. Therefore, they do not understand how to apply core direct marketing principles to drive significant growth. For example:

Knowledgeable direct marketers are channel-agnostic. They understand that thoughtful testing and analysis is the way to optimize the allocation of promotional dollars across multiple channels. One company that adopted this approach began as an Internet pure-play. However, it turned out that investment in print drove major increases in revenue and profit.

Want to hear how we can help? Let’s have a conversation! Contact us


"I’ve done a great job acquiring lots of new customers. The problem is that I need help figuring out what to do with them."

It’s one thing to acquire new customers. It’s another to cultivate them. First, customer data is often much more complex and far-ranging, encompassing individuals, households, sites, organizations, purchase detail, post-demand transactions, and promotion history. And, it originates from multiple source systems. Second, there is often significantly more channel overlap, which makes it a major challenge to measure the incremental benefits of multi-channel promotional streams.

Wheaton Group has always focused on customer cultivation. In fact, we have been referred to as customer-cultivation scientists. To learn more, let’s talk! Contact us


"I’m #53 on the IT priority list. That’s up from #57 last month. The delay is making it very difficult to do my job."

Death, taxes and big delays from internal IT are the eternal verities of life! Why is this? We’ll avoid commenting on death and taxes, but we definitely have something to say about internal IT: 

IT groups pretty much always have at least 100 tasks on their to-do lists. Therefore, the resource contention is intense. When IT compares the needs of the Marketing Department with immediate responsibilities such as payroll distribution, the Marketing Department invariably ends up towards the bottom of the list. 

Wheaton Group has to be responsive because, if we are not, then our clients will fire us. Would you like to be #1 on someone’s priority list? Then let’s have a conversation! Contact us


"My analytical team answers my questions, but I’m frustrated because they respond like statisticians rather than the business people I need them to be."

It’s easy to find statisticians. What’s really rare are seasoned analytical professionals with years of industry experience uncovering the “data nuggets,” and then working closely with marketing and creative experts to transform these nuggets into significant revenues and profits.

These sorts of analytical professionals are much more than just statisticians. They are quantitative consultants with a deep understanding of the business of direct and database marketing. Each of Wheaton Group’s five senior team members has decades of industry experience, and is unfailingly business-oriented in perspective. Sound like what you’re looking for? Then give us a call! Contact us


"I have my consumer customers figured out. However, I also have quite a few business buyers, and I don’t know what to do with them."

B2B is totally different from – and often much more difficult than – B2C. For example, who is the customer? Is it the individual, the location or the overall organization? 

The fact is – it is all of the above. Organizations do not buy, people do. But, organizations – both headquarters and the other individual locations – have a lot to say about what, and how, the people buy. All of these complex relationships have to be sorted out, tracked, analyzed and understood. To do this well requires extensive experience. 

We have a long track record of helping B2B clients drive major increases in revenue and profit. We also understand the unique characteristics of Business-to-Institution (“B2I”) marketing, such as selling into schools. And, we are very experienced with hybrid B2B/B2I/B2C environments. To learn more, check out Expertise in Both B2B & B2C. And, let’s talk! Contact us